Portrait by © Yura Tyunyagin 

Venetia Menzies is a photographer and journalist from Scotland.

She has reported both domestically and internationally for media such as The Times & Sunday Times, BBC, The Guardian & Aljazeera English.

Most recently, she was a finalist in the Amnesty Media Awards as a new journalist her story 'One woman's journey into modern slavery' for The Sunday Times.

Her series '21st Century Bedouin', documenting the history of migration in Algeria through the lens of an individual family, won the Maghreb Photography Awards 2018, and was shortlisted for the 2018 Contemporary African Photography Prize, as well as the Royal Photographic Society's International Photography Exhibition. 

It is being exhibited in Berlin in September 2021, please get in contact for details.

For more information on Venetia's work, to get in touch regarding availability, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.



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